Meal Planning Week of June 27th

On June 29, 2010, in Meal Planning, by Wendy

Sunday: Grandma Judy was visiting and we got home kind of late on Sunday from Kathy’s retirement party, so I wanted to make something quick and easy. Store bought pesto and organic chicken ravioli from Costco fit the bill just fine. I had several organic summer squash in the fridge so i roasted those to serve with dinner. One loomed like a yellow zucchini, another looked like a zucchini in color and pattern, but it was completely round. Another was your garden variety yellow crook neck squash. The last two were shaped like flying sauces–one was yellow and one was green. I cut them in big chunks and tossed them with a bit of EVOO and a dash of sea salt. Delicious!

Monday: Thai inspired minced turkey with veggies and rice noodles. Mitch and Izzy can’t stop eating this one, so I make it once a week.

Tuesday: I had a package of Trader Joe’s pre made Jambalaya. The last time I made it, Mitch didn’t like it, but I had an idea to make it better. I sliced up some sustainably raised chicken sausage and got that browning in the pan while I chopped onions, red pepper, and kale. Once the sausage was browning I tossed the veggies in. As everything cooked, I added some vegetable broth and a bit of tomato paste to make some sauce, then added the rice and cooked it until warm. It was awesome. Izzy started off with a few bites and like it, but then refused to eat anymore. She didn’t have a nap today and was too tired to be adventurous with food.

Wednesday: Mitch and Izzy are on their own and will need to find a way to fend for themselves. I have my photo class after work and will probably grab a salad from the grocery store for dinner.

Thursday: Not entirely uninspired spaghetti and meatballs. I have some leftover turkey pesto meatballs in the freezer. Another Mitch and Izzy favorite.

Friday: it’s been a while since I’ve used the slow cooker so I’m going to get a batch of chili going in the slower cooker. We’ll have leftovers on Monday and pack up more for the freezer.

Saturday: Tilapia and zucchini.


Stay tuned…

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Awesome birthday present in the works.


Meal Planning week of June 20

On June 20, 2010, in Meal Planning, by Wendy

I didn’t go grocery shopping this week, so I’m scrounging in the cupboards and the freezer. This week is a little less inspired than others, but we’ll have some decent meals.

I made a wonderful baked chicken and carrots seasoned with lemon and thyme. I also prepared quinoa and broccoli. It’s a glorious thing to hear your 2 year old scream for more broccoli and quinoa!

I prepared the turkey meatballs today and we’ll eat them tomorrow night with pasta and red sauce. Mitch will reheat them again on Wednesday for himself and Izzy while I’m at my photography class for the night.

I’ll be making fake Indian fare on Tuesday. Trader Joe’s offers pre-made lentils and I’ll make an easy dish by preparing them with their jarred tikka masala sauce. I also picked up their frozen biryani rice too. I’ll make chicken curry again, using their prepared sauce along with some frozen pre-cooked chicken breast strips.

Fish sticks on Thursday! What else can I say about that?

Friday is still an unknown. Mitch will probably snooze through dinner so he can rest up for his poker game. I’ll figure out something for Izzy and me last minute. We may just have a meal of beets and goat cheese. It’s one of her favorites.

I’ll make Salmon on Saturday. I have a balsamic glaze that I picked up from the Underground Farmer’s Market that is fabulous. I’ll make a side of quinoa and will use some frozen veggies as a side if I haven’t gone shopping again yet.


Meal Planning week of June 13

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If it’s Sunday it must be lasagna! Tonight’s was my best ever. Veggie lasagna with zucchini, mushrooms and olives. What made it special this time was the fresh basil and parsley. I usually use dried.

Monday is easy night. I picked up a premade meatloaf and salad from Trader Joes.

I love the recipe I found on A Little Yumminess for Stir-fried Minced Chicken (or Turkey) with Basil. I made a few modifications and changed up the veggies. It’s a favorite in the house so it’s on heavy rotation right now.

Wednesday is leftover Lasagna night. It’s an easy reheat since Mitch and Izzy will be on their own. I have a photography class for the next few weeks on Wednesdays, so I need to make sure that I plan enough leftovers for them each week.

Yay for Farmer Brown! We had dinner with a Jaime as a thank you to her for helping me polish up my resume.

Izzy and I nibbled on the leftover minced turkey while Mitch power napped for his Friday night poker game.

We considered trying to go to Kokkari for dinner, but after two nights out during the week, I was kind of beat. The only problem was I didn’t take anything out of the freezer to prepare for dinner. I fell back on my go to dinner when I’m too tired for anything else–hot dogs! I know totally uninspired, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.


Never to early for a little back talk

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Me: Let’s go take a bath.
Izzy: I need a bicycle.
Me: You don’t need a bicycle for your bath.
Izzy: Whatever.

Up next: major eye rolling, stomping out of the room and slamming of doors.