My baby is growing up

On January 12, 2010, in Kid, by Wendy

We changed her crib in to a toddler bed tonight. Kirby approves. Izzy loved being able to crawl in and out of bed. Pray that she goes to sleep and stays asleep tonight.


Animal Hands

On January 5, 2010, in Things I want, by Wendy

These are awesome! Available at Spoon Sisters.


Merry Homemade Christmas

On January 2, 2010, in Arty Crafty, Family, Kid, Kitties, by Wendy

Last year we went a little overboard with presents for Izzy for Christmas. Fortunately, she really like all the giant, blinking, singing plastic monstrosities we bought her and she’s still plays with them to this day. They’re not even that annoying, except maybe for Animal Train. That toy is kind of evil. It is also a liar. The wretched voice sings a song about how lions run very fast, but hippos cannot. Hippos can run up to 30 miles an hour. That’s pretty fast in my book. I’ve hidden that toy in the closet several times, but it keeps making it’s way back into the playroom. I think I need to bury it in the backyard. Animal Train was responsible for my vow to give only handmade gifts to Izzy this year. I’m pretty sure she liked them, and I had a lot of fun making them too. I also made two of everything to give a set to Izzy’s BFF, Anneke.

First up, these adorable outfits made from patterns found on the Internet. The kimono top pattern is from Habitual, and the yoga pants pattern came from Mani Mina. (I also just bought her kimono jacket and spring dresss patterns too).

This one is for Izzy:

For Izzy

This on is for Anneke:
For Anneke

The Black Apple is one of my favorite artists on Etsy. I’ve been following her career since Etsy was still in beta. I love her work. Mitch gave me one of her prints for Christmas this year and I love it. The Black Apple appeared on the Martha Stewart show showing the audience how to sew her signature dolls. She also gave the pattern away on Martha’s site.

Here are my renditions–the blond for Anneke and the brunette fir Izzy. I also made matching purses using a pattern that I designed.

dolls and purses

Finally, I made no see tutus for the girls. These were super easy to make. Just measure out some elastic to fit the waist. Secure the ends an then tie strips of tulle all the way around.

two tutus

I made everything with the supplies I already had on hand except for the tutus. I had to buy tulle and elastic, but that only cost about $5 each.

Here’s Izzy wearing everything at once.

Reach for the guitars

Mitch bought me a super fancy flash for my camera. I’m able to bounce light around at will and I’m so surprised at how awesome my photos are coming out. No more harsh shadows screwing up my perfect shots.

lovely smile

Izzy is practicing dressing herself a lot these days. I leave a bunch of clothes for her in her bottom dresser drawer that she pulls out and attempts to put on. One day, we had our laundry bag packed and waiting in the foyer. Izzy was able to reaj through the gate and rifle through the bag. She pulled out a few things and got busy trying to put them on. She has one each of my and Mitch’s socks on her legs. She’s got a pair of my underwear hanging around her knees, and she grabbed another one of my really long socks and wrapped it around her neck like a scarf. She’s quite the fashion plate, dontcha think?


And finally, since there is still a kitties component to this blog, albeit not as robust as the kid part, here is a fabulous photo of Izzy’s feline boyfriend, Kirby. Isn’t he just the best?

Kirby Cheekbones