Izzyisms Volume 12

On April 19, 2011, in Kid, by Wendy

Mitch: why is she crying?
Wendy: because she’s three.
Izzy (through tears): I’m not three yet! Waaa!!
I like Santa. I would like a dolly and a new doggy for Christmas. And a cookie.
I’m tired. Make the sun go down so I can go back to sleep.
Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. I like chocolate. It’s kind of like candy, right?
Wendy, noticing izzy with a very thoughtful look on her face: what are you thinking about?
Izzy: Diego. He saves the animals and I love him.
Izzy: I’m a big girl now. You don’t have to help me anymore.
Wendy: Can you go get a job and pay the rent?
Izzy: Sure!