Meal Planning week of July 22, 2012

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Sunday: Quesadillas and carrots
Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie
Wednesday: Nat’s Shrimp and Veggie Stuffed Zucchini
Turkey Fennel Meatloaf and salad
Friday: TBD
Saturday: On your own. Izzy and I are camping with the Bravmanns at Fairyland.

I am having a hard time planning out this week. I will take suggestions.


Meal Planning Week of July 15, 2012

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Sunday: Fish Nuggets, Beans and Kale, and salad
Monday: Spaghetti and salad
Tuesday: Honey Garlic Chicken, steamed carrots, and sautéed kale and cabbage
Wednesday: Pork Chops, mashed potatoes and Blue Lake Beans
Thursday: Left over Honey Garlic Chicken
Friday: Left over Pork Chops and Blue Lake Beans
Saturday: Fake jambalaya


Meal Planning Week of July 1

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Sunday: Pizza at the birthday party
Monday: Leftover pasta with tuna and tomato sauce and blue lake beans
Tuesday: Ham, white beans with kale, butter leaf salad
Wednesday: On you own!
Thursday: Stuffed yellow squash
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Fish nuggets, broccoli and potato chips (top chip/no oil)


Izzy wanted to make sure the kitties were nice and cozy before she left for school this morning. She even gave them their own blanket and lovey to sleep with.

Murky got a hard plastic stegosaurus.


Kirby got a beanie baby kitty.



Meal Planning week of July 1, 2012

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Sunday: I can’t remember what we ate for dinner on Sunday. We had a long day at the Marin County Fair. Maybe we didn’t eat anything. Mitch, do you remember what we had on Sunday?
Monday: On your own! Wendy at Marin County Fair for Joan Jett concert
Tuesday: On your own! Girls night out–Magic Mike. Oh, yeah!
Wednesday: King Ling, chinese delivery
Thursday: Homemade chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and blue lake beans
Friday: Hot dogs and baked beans
Saturady: Pasta with Tuna and Tomato Sauce


Izzyisms Volume 35

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Izzy: Don’t tell me how it’s right or wrong. I like how it is and how it is not.

Izzy is jumping on the bed i asked her: Did you brush your teeth?
Izzy replied: yes, but I didn’t get my Ya-Yas out yet.

After I set her dinner plate in front of her…
Izzy: I can’t eat this.
Wendy: why not?
I: because it is a new food.
W: it is not a new food. I have offered this to you at least eight times. Your argument is invalid. Eat your dinner.
I: okay mommy.