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On February 15, 2010, in Kid, Kitties, by Wendy

Little Fashionista

On February 1, 2010, in Kid, by Wendy

Izzy has been growing like a weed again and has outgrown many of her lightweight pajamas. I stopped at the Carters store to see if they had anything on sale over the weekend. Jackpot! New PJs for $3.99 and $5.99. While I was flipping through the racks looking for cute jammies in Izzy’s size, I noticed she was copying me on the lower rack next to me. She moved hanger by hanger pausing occassionally to say, “wow” or “ooh.” She plucked a few items off the rack and held them up to herself. She picked out a couple of really cute outfits, but they weren’t in her size. It’s too bad though; I would have bought them for her.

When they bagged up the pajamas, they left them on the hangers. When we got home, I gave them too her. She’s been playing “shopping” ever since. It’s the cutest little pretend game ever! She picks up the PJs one by one and inspects them, oohs and ahhs, then walks around house showing them off. Too bad I need to take them from her so I can send them to laundry. I’ll just have to put something else on the hanger so she can continue the game.