Izzyisms Volume 8

On February 20, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Wendy

As I was putting izzy to bed, she said: I’m trying to say a word, but I don’t know how to say it. Thinking I could trick her into saying it, I reply: what word are you trying to say? Izzy reminds me: I don’t know how to say it!
Telling me about her nightmare. It scared me when the red thing was walking with one foot! You were home and we were outside. One of them tried to get on our street. I was trying to keep daddy safe from the red thing. The red thing tried to tickle me! We tried to get home. The red things looked like mans. (Mitch finally figured out she was talking about the Chinese New Year parade.)
While putting on her slippers: I can do it by myself. Do not try to help me. I don’t need your help.


Izzyisms Volume 7

On February 14, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Wendy

While wearing a tutu, Izzy: look! I’m dancing on my tip toes.
Wendy: That is a nice dance.
Izzy: shhh! You’re at the Nutcracker.

Can I grow little and taste your boobies [nurse] again?

As I was putting Izzy to bed for the night, she said, “let’s think about Popsicles.”

Izzy to Potato Head as she is dismantling him: You can’t stay here. It’s clean up time. Sorry. (sorry was stated in a slightly sarcastic tone.)

While at a preschool interview…
Teacher: What’s your name?
Izzy: Isadora. It’s written on my back. (I had no idea she realized I put a name tag on her back)

After waking up from a bad dream: I saw your head falling down. It’s falling down, mama. It’s falling down! (this one made me cry a little. It took several minutes to soothe her and convince her that my head was okay.)