Meal Planning week of May 27, 2012

On May 29, 2012, in Meal Planning, by Wendy

Sunday: Farmer Brown bitches!
Monday: Greek Chicken, artichokes, gigantes, salad. Chocolate Banana cake and champagne courtesy of Lady KT
Tuesday: Fish nuggets, sautéed spinach
Wednesday: Turkey burgers
Thursday: Don Ramon’s
Friday: Pizza!
Saturday: Baked tortillas and eggs, shredded cabbage


Today’s lunch brought to you by the yummy goodness created by Bonnie and Patrece.



Sunday: Salmon, cabbage and quinoa
Monday: Mac and Cheese with Roasted Chicken and salad
Tuesday: Baked Tortillas and eggs, cabbage slaw
Wednesday: Pork chops, oven fried potatoes and english peas
Thursday: Hot Dogs and Baked Beans
Friday: Fish nuggets and Mac n Cheese and salad
Saturday: Pizza! and salad


Meal Planning week of May 12, 2012

On May 14, 2012, in Meal Planning, by Wendy

Sunday: Pearl’s Burgers with Grandma
Monday: Baked tortillas and black beans with eggs
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken with cabbage and rice
Wednesday: Basil Thai (after Chinese class rescheduled this week)
Thursday: Don Ramon’s (after Classroom meeting)
Friday: having difficulty thinking this far ahead today. something involving arugula.
Saturday: TBD


Izzyisms Volume 33

On May 9, 2012, in Kid, by Wendy

W: hey! You didn’t make your bed this morning. Why didn’t you do your morning job?
I: you reminded me so many times, I forgot to do it.


I: I love you more than dada.
W: …
I: and I love dada more than you too.
W: okay. It sounds like we’re pretty equal then.
I: yes.


After being admonished for running up two flights of stairs when we were trying to leave Anneke’s house:

Izzy: I don’t know why I had to follow her up the stairs. She (Anneke) makes my brain crazy. Why does she do that to my brain?

W: she doesn’t do anything to your brain. As you grow up, you need to control your brain and your actions. I told you to not run upstairs and I am disappointed that you disobeyed me.

I: Anneke doesn’t want me to grow up. She wants me to stay a little kid! I didn’t disobey you. Anneke disobeyed me. I ran after her to tell her not to run up the stairs.


Meal Planning Week of May 6, 2012

On May 8, 2012, in Meal Planning, by Wendy

Sunday: Chinese Delivery
Monday: Hoisin-honey chicken, rice, broccoli
Tuesday: Fish nuggets, roasted zucchini, fava beans and garlic
Wednesday: Mitch and Izzy get to figure it out. Wendy is having dinner with Miss Kim and Lady KT
Thursday: Sardine and herb cabbage parcels with cauliflower mash I totally heart the internet. I never would have guessed I could find a recipe by searching for sardines cabbage cauliflower.
Friday: Spinach Lasagna and broccoli
Saturday: Turkey Fennel Meatloaf, salad

What are you having for dinner this week?