Double Vision

On August 6, 2009, in Arty Crafty, by Wendy

Orange checked jumpers

No, you’re not seeing double. I made two of the same outfit–one for Isadora and one for Anneke. I loved making these matching jumpers for the girls. I hope to one day get a picture of the two of them together when they’re wearing them.

This was a fun little project. I finally used my serger for the first time (thanks for teaching me how to use it, Jess!) and finished all of the raw edges. How very thorough of me. I am totally hooked on the serger now. I will finish all edges for any sewing project going forward. It really does make the garment look so much better when it’s complete.

I’ve been sewing for over 30 years, and I still haven’t learned how to make button holes (Jess…can you help a sister out?). So I used inset snaps instead. I think it will work out okay. Just wondering if the girls will figure out how to unsnap the straps. I used snap tape on the legs, but that was kind of drag to sew (first time). Maybe it will get better with experience, but I may just use more snap fasteners. They were really easy to use.

I used View A Butterick 5439 for the jumpers. As I was looking for links to the pattern to include in my post, I came across Stop Staring and Start Sewing‘s interpretation of the pattern, and man oh man, am I totally blown away and inspired. She really picked a beautiful fabric, and lovelovelove the addition of the pocket. I was such a freak for pockets when I was a kid. I hope I turn Isadora on to the absolute necessity of pockets.

I hope to get started on another sewing project this weekend. I’ll be making View D of the Butterick 5439pattern. I have some really cute fabric that is green with little red lady bugs, and I think I have enough to make a pair so Anneke can have one too. Now that I’ve been inspired by Stop Staring and Start Sewing, I am dying to get back to the fabric store and pick up some more fabric and play around a little with embellishments–pockets, trims, etc.


Izzy took her first steps today!

On August 5, 2009, in Kid, by Wendy

It happened while she was at Anneke’s house. She did it again for Mitch when he went to pick her up. She wouldn’t do it for me when I got home from work though. Hopefully she will tomorrow.

It was a big day for her. It’s the first night I was able to get her to bed on time. She’s been going to sleep way too late the last couple of weeks. I hope we’re finally back on schedule.