A fun day at the aquarium

On March 8, 2009, in Family, Friends, Kid, Things to do, by Wendy

We went to the Academy of Sciences today with Sarah and Ethan. They have a family membership so we got to go during member only hours (less crowded) and it was free! I went many times as a child and it was so much fun to remember various field trips and visits with my parents.

Izzy had so much fun slapping the glass and screaming at the fish. I want to take her back, when she’s more mobile. It was kind of tough on me putting her in the stroller to go to the next window and then taking her out so she could get a better look at the fish. I’m so glad I’m able to share this magical place with her. Although the building and exhibits were renovated and given a more modern look, there were still enough things to remind me of my visits there: the alligators, the whale bones, the sad taxidermied animals. But what I remembered most was the swinging pendulum. It’s there to represent the movement of the earth. It’s really quite fascinating. As it moves, it knocks down little pellets that someone painstakingly stood up.

Of the three times I remember being spanked for being “naughty,” one of them was at the the swinging pendulum. I was there with my parents and it was time to go in to the Planetarium for a show, but I didn’t want to leave the swinging pendulum. I loved watching the silver ball swinging back and forth and knocking down the pellets. I was so entranced that I ignored my dad’s commands to “come here!” Yeah, well. No, dad. I am not going to come here. I’m busy. It’s a good thing I’m not terribly scarred by that experience. 😉

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