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I found some old Izzyisms in a draft email from 8/7/13. Enjoy!

Wendy: please don’t eat that egg carton. It has salmonella on it.
Isadora: what’s salmonella?
Wendy: a disease you can get from raw eggs and it will make you very sick.
Isadora: okay. It’s not easy having a kid, is it?
Wendy: real talk.


Isadora was generally misbehaving tonight so I took away a privilege and she started to cry.

Wendy: look, I am being firm with you. Daddy says I am not firm enough with you so this is the way it’s going to be. Get used to it. You misbehave you loose privilege. You cooperate, you keep privilege.

Isadora: I don’t like firm! I don’t like firm! Waaaaaa! I hate firm! I don’t want it! Can you please stop being firm?

Wendy: what are you going to do next time?

Izzy: cooperate.


Izzy is sitting at the breakfast table staring off into the distance.
Wendy: What are you thinking about?
Isadora: I’m just watching a movie in my brain.


Isadora came into the kitchen tonight and saw that the flour canister was on the counter. She offered to put it away, and I let her. I told her she is always such a big help in the kitchen, and I appreciate her assistance. She said, “Oh Mama, I’ll never leave you hanging.”


I let Izzy cut her own dinner with a sharp knife tonight. She is so excited about practicing her knife skills. She asked if she could go to knife school when she is six.


On our morning walk to the car, Isadora says: Why aren’t these people loving our city? Instead, they are pooping all over it?


Izzy: if we find an orphan, can I keep her as my sister? She can share my bed with me.


Isadora: I’m going to take the cats with me when I grow up and move away.
Wendy: Oh, yeah? Where are you going to move to?
Isadora: Europe.
Wendy: Which part of Europe?
Isadora: The left side.


Wendy: Hurry up! I want to go to Happy Hour.
Isadora: every hour is Happy Hour.


Wendy: I’m feeling a little loopy. I don’t know if its the wine or the altitude.
Isadora: it’s the wine
Wendy: touché.


I just spent the last twenty minutes listening to screams from my daughter:

I wanted kitchen water! Not bathroom water! Kitchen water kitchen water kitchen water! Waaaaaa! Kitchen water! Waaaa! Not bathroom water! kitchen water!


Wendy: so how was Rock Band Land?
Isadora: it was fun. There is one girl my age and she wore a yellow shirt. There are a lot of boys.
W: Were the boys nice to you?
I: I got to play the cow bell and it was a lot of fun.
W: life is definitely more fun when you add Cow Bells.


Isadora says: There’s nothing more important than music, except for friends.


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