I want to sew. I really, really want to sew. I have ideas. I have other peoples ideas. I have patterns that my mom used to use to make doll clothes for me when I was little. I just need a few hours, and I can probably sew some really cool things. I need to make a list of all the things I want to sew, and then sketch them out so that when I do have a few spare moments, I can knock out an easy project.

A few things I want to make include:

Doll clothes (I still need to find a non-creepy doll. Any suggestions?)
Pillows for Izzy’s room
Draft guard for Izzy’s room (more to block out the light and sound from under the pocket door, then the drafts)
Crib ledge liner (she’s been gnawing on her very expensive crib and I need to protect it)
Table Tent

What is a Table Tent you ask? It is probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. (Well, maybe not the most amazing thing. Have you met my daughter? She’s pretty amazing.) A Table Tent one of those “why didn’t I think of that” projects. Ladies and gentlemen. Behold, the table tent from Colorique:

Table Tent

It looks easy enough to make. I love that the table would still be usable with the tent tied onto it. I bet Isadora and Anneke would have so much fun crawling around and in and out of the table tent. I need to bump this up in project priority.

(Image: Flickr Member otrasventanas licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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4 Responses to Sew much to do, sew little time

  1. Rain says:

    What’s stopping you from sewing? You can always forgo the sewing machine and use adhesives. There’s fusible webbing you stick between layer of fabric and iron to activate the adhesive. There’s also good old Elmer’s.

    Let me know if you really want to start some projects. I can help.

  2. Rain says:

    Ah, ha ha. I was under the impression Mitch was posting that. CLEARLY you already know all about the making of awesome fabric things! Sorry about that!

  3. Wendy says:

    Lack of time mostly. And the way I prioritize my to do list.

    I only have about 4 hours between coming home from work and going to sleep for the night. Two or more of those hours are spent playing with Isadora, feeding her dinner, cooking our dinnner, eating, bathing the baby and putting her to bed. Most nights she goes down without a fight and that leaves me one to two hours to straighten up the house (I don’t really do this :-P), have a nice conversation with Mitch, read, answer personal email, etc. before I go to bed.

    I have the weekends off, but really don’t have huge chunks of time to myself. Maybe an hour or two when Isadora is napping, but I’m usually so wiped out myself that I lay down and sleep next to her. When she’s awake, we’re playing, running errands, eating, swimming, and visiting with friends and family.

    When she’s a little older and can entertain herself for longer stretches, I’ll have more time for projects. Also, I’ll start teaching her some sewing basics. My mom started teaching me how to layout and pin patterns down when I was about 3 or 4 years old. She made a lot of my clothes when I was little and made a ton of clothes for my dolls, and had me help with these steps. I wish she still had the clothing patterns, but at least she still had the doll patterns! I brought them back after my last visit with my folks.

  4. Tracy says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Great posts and pics. You are very creative and crafty.

    If you’re still looking for a non-creepy doll, check out the Groovy Girls dolls. I’ve given 2 of them as gifts to my nieces and they loved them. Here’s a link to the dolls and a pattern for the clothes.



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