Sleeping In

On July 5, 2009, in Family, Kid, by Wendy

Isadora has had a rough couple of days. She’s had an intermittent fever and is in an unfamiliar place. We are at my parents house this weekend, and we’re sharing a room and a bed. It’s usually not a problem for us to share, but she didn’t sleep much the night before last due to her fever and her father’s frequent trips to the bathroom (he had a bit of food poisoning). She also wouldn’t nap yesterday. Finally, around 6:00 p.m. she fell asleep in her stroller when I took her for a walk. I had to keep walking otherwise she would wake. Afte about an hour of pacing up and down my parents street, I finally gave in and sat down. She was awake immediately.

We ate dinner on the back patio and then gave Izzy a bath. Finally exhausted and feeling some relief from a combo of homeopathic and pharmacuetical remedies, she fell asleep. We missed the fireworks. Thankfully, she slept through all of the noise.

I woke around 8:30 this morning, and read in bed while Mitch and Izzy continued to sleep. I heard Mitch mumble something so I turned to look at him. He was talking in his sleep. Izzy, lying next to him, must have heard his voice because the corners if her lips curled up into a smile. I wonder if they were in the same dream.


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