Sensory Food Aversion

On May 27, 2009, in Family, Kid, by Wendy

The fancy new term for “picky eaters.” I found a very interesting article discussing a study of picky eaters. I was such a picky eater, and fit a lot of the characteristics they outlined. I don’t recall being antsy or anxious around food though. I had no qualms telling people what I was and was not willing to eat. My parents also didn’t force me to try new foods most of the time. I recall a couple of events where they tried, but it didn’t work. It was just easier to make me foods that I liked. So far, I don’t see Isadora displaying any of the characteristics in the article, save for one. She HATES stage 3 foods and gags every single time. And the only food she flat out refused is peas, and I never bothered to try again. Mitch doesn’t like them. She’ll see that when she gets older, so what’s the point in pushing them on her. I don’t want to eat foods I don’t like either. And I won’t. What’s the big deal, anyway? I have tried a lot of new foods as an adult and have liked most of them. I even started to eat peaches and tomatoes this year.

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