Words of Wisdom from new parents, Russell and Lisa

On November 16, 2007, in Kid, by Wendy
  1. Mood swings are hormonal
  2. Look for friends and relatives who have older kids they have loads of good stuff you can have
  3. Don’t buy new stuff, after 5 minutes it look like it is a year old and smells funny anyway
  4. Buy a good washer dryer, stain removers etc you will need it
  5. Don’t get new carpet sofa’s etc
  6. They are not a delicate as you think they are
  7. They fart and burp more than you do
  8. Invite people round all in one go, then you can bugger off and do something else
  9. Wendy needs to moisturise EVERYWHERE, stretch marks turn up in funny places
  10. Understand you WILL use disposables at the beginning, reusable nappies are nice idea but things are best described as loose early on.
  11. You will discover a whole new world of art held within your babies nappy
  12. You will start talking like a Eunuch on crack, to everyone not just your baby
  13. Babies faces are like TV’s you can stare at them for hours
  14. The first month will feel like a year
  15. If you decide on Breast Feeding it might not come naturally, make sure they go straight to the breast after they are born
  16. It is the most rewarding experience you will ever have

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