Izzyisms Volume 37

On November 4, 2013, in Kid, by Wendy

Wow! I can’t believe I have not posted Izzyisms in a year! Now that she has full command of language, our conversations are much longer and hard to capture. When she was younger, the one off zingers were much easier to document. Here is a collection from summer. Enjoy!

You know, you can’t spell platypus without us. Otherwise it’s just platyp.

Izzy: I want daddy to read to me tonight because I do not like princesses.
Wendy: you don’t want me to read because you think I am a princess?
I: no. You are not a princess. You are a super hero and I LOVE super heroes.

Izzy: you know what is funny? A man in underpants wearing roller skates and a super hero cape!

Izzy: mom, will you lay down and snuggle with me.
Wendy: sure! *crawl into bed next to her*
Izzy: if you move to the other side, it will be much more delightful.

I tried to hand the remote control to Izzy, but it fell just short of her reach. She crossed her arms and gave me a dirty look. I said, “you look kinda gangsta when you do that.” She replied, “I know. I just can’t help it.”

Izzy: you cannot spell platypus without platyp. Otherwise it’s just us.

Asking for a program, izzy asks for program number two , three. I asked her what number that was, but she didn’t answer so I asked again. She yelled mommy you got me off point. I was counting to figure it out!

Wendy: we need to clean the house today
Isadora: we are on the same page.
W: that’s is awesome
Izzy: I mean I should relax today.
W: wait. I thought you said we are on the same page?
I: we are. I will relax while you clean the house.

We just finished watching Tangled and Izzy says: Awww! That was so sweet. And I can’t believe I’m goin to say this, but it was also a little romantic.

After a long road trip, Izzy was developing her latest song lyrics:
We’re not going to hold on until morning
We’re going to drive into the black

Mitch: I didn’t know Phineas and Fern are from Disney!
Isadora: Yeah! And did you know everything in Disneyland is fake?



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