Izzyisms Volume 30

On March 30, 2012, in Kid, by Wendy

Mama, I get so much loving from you.


Izzy just woke and started rambling: how can I walk like a t-rex? I don’t want to eat a bush. Bear claws are bad for your health. Let’s get up now! You’re not getting up! You’re texting!


I: where’s my cupcake?
W: where are your manners?
I: in my throat.


I: I’m not happy.
W: Why not?
I: I’m going to be cranky tomorrow.
W: Thanks for the warning.

20 minutes later, she barfed. And barfed. And barfed. After a nice warm bath, a thorough toothbrushing and clean PJs…

I: I feel so much better now. I’m back to normal!


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