Izzyisms Volume 18

On July 26, 2011, in Kid, by Wendy

Wendy: can you tell me a story about two?
Izzy: Once upon a time there were two ducks. And in the morning a dinosaur ate one of them. The other on got lost. The end.


Wendy: can you tell me a story about two ducks?
Izzy: one morning they were playing. And then a monster came and took them to the forest. He told the dinosaur no pushing! And so he didn’t push anyone. The end.


Izzy: I will tell you another duck story. It’s a difficult one.

One morning it was raining. And one morning then sun came up. And then it was raining again. And the duck wasn’t worried because there was a lot of rain for them swim in.


Wendy: what works?
Izzy: Teamwork! I see a lot of teamwork.
Wendy: is murky helping us?
Izzy: she can’t because she doesn’t have thumbs!


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