Izzyisms Volume 9

On March 8, 2011, in Kid, by Wendy

Izzy, pointing at Taco Bell: Let’s have lunch there.
Mitch: Your mom is home cooking dinner.
Izzy: Well, how about just you and me then?


Izzy walked up to a little girl at the playground: Hi! My name is Izzydora. Want to play?


While playing in the sand, Izzy asks Mitch: Can you make a Christmas tree out of here?
Mitch: I don’t think the sand is going to stick together, but I will try.
After looking at the “tree” mound, Izzy says: Can you make a penis out of here, daddy?


After having a potty accident, Izzy says: I’m sorry. Can I help you clean it up?


Wendy: Where is your tail?
Izzy: I don’t have one. I am a girl and I have a butt.


As I was putting Izzy to sleep: Anneke slept in my crib and it’s not fair. My pillow smells like Anneke.


Izzy: We are going to eat food when we see your parents. Peas and pie and pizza and cheese.


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