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On October 30, 2010, in Book Reviews, by Wendy

I’ve been checking out lots of books from the library for Izzy, and have found several titles that we both adore. There are others that I don’t like so much so I’ve decided to start chronicling what we’re reading so I remember to re-borrow favorites and stay away from the losers.

Worst book ever!

Some Things are Scary by Florence Parry Heide and illustrated by Jules Feiffer

I checked this book out for two reasons:

1) the author also wrote Princess Hyacinth: The surprising tale of a girl who floated, a book that both Izzy and I enjoyed (even though it was a typical princess story where the girl was saved by the boy)
2) it got high marks on Amazon

I have learned two thing:

1) just because an author wrote one good book, doesn’t mean she wrote two good books
2) the people who leave reviews on cannot be trusted

This book totally sucked for two reasons:

1) It was a laundry list of “scary” things: swinging too high, skating too fast, people laughing and you don’t know why, growing up
2) It never showed the kids overcoming their fears, only being afraid

If you want your kid to grow up to be a neurotic mess, then definitely get this book. It will prove to her that all her fears are completely valid and that there is absolutely no way to confront and overcome them.

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