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On March 4, 2010, in Kid, by Wendy

We took Izzy on her second flight to go see Grandma and Grandpa Cowboy out in Colorado a few weeks ago. Now that she’s getting to be a willful toddler, I was worried about how it was going to go. Lots of people told me to dose her with Benadryl to knock her out, but I wasn’t comfortable doing that. It’s funny because I don’t have a problem popping a Xanax to get me through a flight, but the idea of doping up the kid just didn’t sit well. She had been suffering from a long standing cold though, so I did break down and give her some Benadryl with the hopes that it would relieve her of her congestion (and yes, hopefully knock her out). The plan backfired as it does with some kids. There was no congestion relief and she stayed wide awake for both legs of the flight.

Fortunately, I was prepared with Plan B. I brought her backpack stuffed full of toys she hadn’t seen in weeks, books, crayons, paper and an iPhone filled with Disney movies. I pulled each item out one at a time and was able to keep her attention in 10 minute increments.

Once we cycled through all of the toys, I brought out snacks–Goldfish, raisins and pumpkin pancakes. When her belly was sated, we cycled through the toys one more time. The flight was just over two hours and we made it through without much fuss.

The second leg was much shorter–35 minutes. Daddy was in charge of her for that trip. I used that break to my full advantage and ordered a glass of wine and watched part of a grown up movie with cussing and everything! It was awesome. One of these days l’ll be able to finish that movie.

We had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa Cowboy’s house. We played in the snow, went swimming, played with the kitty, and took lots of naps. Oh yeah and I came down with a lovely case of Pink Eye.

The flight home was just as easy–no, actually easier–than the flight out. She fell asleep for the second, longer leg of the trip. I took advantage and ordered a cocktail. I tried to finish the movie I started on our way out, but my headphones weren’t working. It didn’t matter. I had my drink and a little bit of peace among the dull roar of the plane.

We have determined that Izzy is an awesome traveler and we’re making plans for our next trip to San Diego.


The other day Izzy was playing quietly with her toys. She was wrapping her stuffed animals in a blanket and lying them down. I asked her a question–maybe inquiring if she was hungry. I just don’t remember because i was taken aback by her next move. She raised her finger to her lips and she shushed me! SHUSHED ME! She was putting her babies to sleep and didn’t want me to wake them.

I immediately felt scandalized and elated at the same time. No one likes getting shushed, but that was one of the funniest things I’d seen her do. I broke out into laughter (wrong wrong wrong) so now she does it whenever she plays her sleeping game with her babies.


My kid is typical. Potty humor makes her laugh. When ever she passes gas, she screams, “farting, farting, farting,” and laughs maniacally. I don’t know who taught her this trick, but it was hard to stiffle a snicker (wrong wrong wrong), so she just got encouraged to keep it up.

I’m trying to not raise a savage, so for the last few weeks, I didn’t laugh or smile when she did this. You have NO IDEA how hard that was. It really is funny to hear a little a kid chant farting, farting, farting.

Tonight was a little different. My sweet little angel farted during her bath, and then she said, “pardon me.” What?! And then she repeated it. That’s right. Pardon me. I showered her with praise and hope this trend continues.

I’m so proud of my little girl. I just might succeed at raising a child with manners after all.


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