A wish list for Isadora

On November 27, 2009, in Helpful Hints, Kid, by Wendy

I’ve been getting requests for Christmas present ideas for Izzy. So here goes…

  1. Anything that is meaningful to you and you would like to share with our daughter. Perhaps your favorite childhood book, toy or game.
  2. Your time. Come over and play with her, read books, take her for a walk or to the park. It is important that she build a relationship with you beyond a quick visit and a present drop. This isn’t a veiled attempt to sucker you in to babysitting. Well, maybe just a little. 😉
  3. Money for college. We’ll accept cash, checks, savings bonds or you can contribute to her 529 savings plan (ask me for details).
  4. Various and sundry items available through Amazon. I realize there’s a lot of stuff on here, but I wanted to allow for variety in both types of items and price points, while keeping it focused to the types of toys and books we feel comfortable with her having. We certainly don’t expect everyone to buy all of these things for Izzy, nor would we want you too. We want Izzy to grow up knowing that Christmas is a time to hang out with family and friends, make great food, build upon traditions and fill the house with laughter and memories.
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