The end of diapers is in site

On November 26, 2009, in Kid, by Wendy

It may be a long way off still, but I think we’re on the right track!

Mitch bought Izzy a cute little potty from Ikea several months ago. I thought the introduction might be a bit premature, so we put it away a few days later.

A couple of weeks ago, Izzy began showing interest in bathroom activities so we pulled it back out. Every night before bath time we encouraged her to sit on it. Oftentimes she was still dressed. A few times, striped down to only her diaper. Then we had a run where we tried to get her to sit on it when she was nekkid, and she completely melted down. I was thinking maybe we’re introducing it too early still and considered putting it away again.

On Tuesday, we got Izzy’s bath started as usual, but this time I didn’t bother telling her to sit on the potty. I didn’t want another freak out on my hands. To my surprise, Izzy asked to sit on it! When she did, I filled a small Tuperware container with warm water from the bath, and stuck her foot in it. She thought that was the funniest thing! It also did the trick. The warm water got her going and she went pee in the potty. Success!

However, when I took the Tuperware filled with water away, she freaked out, and was unable to bask in the glory of potty success. She got so mad at me for taking her container of water away. I had a rough time getting her in the tub because she kept thrashing about as toddlers are wont to do.

Keeping my fingers crossed we’ll have frequent repeat performances (sans freak outs, of course).


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