In order of priority with status update:

  1. Clean/Organize Closet – Not Started (The reason I took a vacation day to begin with. Lame. Can someone come over and do this for me?)
  2. Sew Pantry Curtains – Complete (See below for before and after photos)
  3. Bake Banana Bread – Complete (and all of it nearly eaten)
  4. Go to Crafty Party at Mo’s House – Complete (I didn’t get any crafting done, but ate some really awesome homemade vegetarian chili that Elena made. Yum!)
  5. Sew Felt Baby Shoes – In Progress (See previous. I’ll probably finish them in time for Izzy to have already outgrown them.)
  6. Sew in ends of scarf for… – Not Started (Don’t want to say who it is for. It’s a gift)
  7. Attend Art opening at StudioNot Started (We completely missed it. The art is still there, so we’ll swing by next weekend to check it out. I love the Tiny show–totally affordable tiny art. I bought stuff a couple years back, and I see quite a few things online that I like. Hope some of it is still available when I get there.)
  8. Put Away Clean Clothes – In Progress (We finished our clothes, but not Izzy’s)
  9. Put Away Clean Dishes – Completed (Many thanks to Blanca for washing the dishes last night while I slept.)
  10. Buy a Crib and Mattress – Completed (Yay! After weeks of agonizing over which set to get, we finally decided on Munire’s Urban Crib. When we saw it in person, neither of us liked it. It looked and felt cheap, so we decided on Bonavita’s Metro Crib and five drawer dresser. We also got the toddler bed and full size bed conversions so the furniture grows as she does.)
  11. Sell Co-Sleeper on Craigslist – Completed (I posted the ad around midnight, and had an inquiry by 9:30. It was sold before noon. I heart Craigslist.)
  12. Sell Maternity Clothes – Not Started (Dependent upon me cleaning/organizing my closet)
  13. Pay Bills – Not Started (I’ll probably do this after dinner…Update. Nope, I decided to eat ice cream instead. Maybe tomorrow.)
  14. Take a Shower – Not Started (There’s always tomorrow)
  15. Tidy Desk – Not Started (There’s always next weekend)
  16. Tidy Izzy’s Room – Not Started (If I leave it long enough, Mitch will take care of it.)
  17. Post extra stuff on Freecycle – Not Started (So close to dropping this crap off at Goodwill.)
  18. Grocery Shopping – Not Started (We have frozen and canned stuff. We’ll eat that for dinner this week. Oh and take out. We’ll have some of that too.)

Awesome, but cluttered looking pantry:

Pantry with fabulous curtains hiding the clutter (and a kitty):

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  1. mrBallistic says:

    I especially like the vaporizer over to the side. An essential ingredient in any kitchen!

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