Happy Birthday Isadora!

On August 13, 2008, in Kid, by Wendy

You’re three months old today, and I can hardly believe it. You have grown up so much over these past twelve weeks and I’m completely amazed by how you’ve changed. You’re sleeping through the night now (hallelujah!), and that lets me sleep through the night. You drool constantly, but are getting much better about holding your head up high, which is a good thing as you revealed the icky rash you have in your neck folds today. Fortunately, it started to clear up as soon as I washed and dried the area. You smile and giggle at yourself in the mirror, and I love that trick so much that I put you in front of the mirror every day, several times a day. Your favorite toy right now is your monkey blankie. You love to rub it on your face and suck on the corners. It’s quite soggy and a little gross. Good thing I bought a couple to spare so I can rotate them in and out of laundry. I hope you have a happy three month birthday today. I love you very much, baby girl.


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