Move to #600 Status Report

On July 24, 2008, in Things to do, by Wendy

We are about 87% moved. The remaining items at #604 are as follows: some of my clothes, most of my shoes, my desk, some kitchen stuff, some toiletries, and our art. I plan to complete the migration by EOD tomorrow. I’ll take the weekend off to spend time with the in-laws while they’re in town and then clean the empty apartment on Monday.

The new place looks absolutely fabulous (before and after photos will be posted soon). I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this new apartment. We already feel so at home here despite the controlled chaos of the move. With Mitch’s folks in town, we have 5 people occupying this apartment and it still feels so spacious. Mitch thinks it’s a bit decadent. I disagree. At 1,000 square feet, I believe it is an appropriate size for our small family.

Murky adjusted to the move easily. She has always had command of the public hallway in our building since back in the day when she used to take daily walks with Joey. She loved running between apartments during each round of moving stuff over. We never had to worry about her getting lost while she was out and about. If she got spooked by a sound or an unexpected neighbor, she would just run into one apartment or the other.

Kirby, on the other hand, did not handle to move well at all. Once we deposited him in #600, he would dash out the front door and run back to #604 and hide in a closet. He also doesn’t know the layout of the entire building as well as Murky, so if he got spooked for some reason, he might end up in the basement. I was also a bit worried about him getting lost again. He was lost last month for a couple of hours and it sucked trying to find him because he can’t hear us when we call him on account of him being deaf. This is our third night in #600 and Kirby finally seems to be mellowing out somewhat.

One of my favorite things about moving is the purging that goes on. Usually I leave unwanted but usable items on the street for someone to discover or I drop them off at Goodwill. The problem with leaving things on the street it that bags of stuff get rummaged through and leave a mess on the sidewalk. I don’t really like to send stuff to Goodwill either. I am not convinced that my stuff won’t end up in landfill somewhere. For this round of purging, I’m using Freecycle, and it is awesome!

Freecycle is a network that lets local people offer up stuff they no longer want to people who want it. I’ve been reviewing the list and this is truly a situation where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So far I’ve gotten rid of a handful of diapers that Izzy outgrew and some Ketostix that I had to use while I was diabetic. Tomorrow, someone wants to come by and pick up the old shower curtain hooks that were left behind by the previous tenant. I’m also going to try to get rid of my father in law’s digital camera that no longer works. Well, it still works; it’s just not predictable with the images it captures. I think an arty person could have a lot of fun with the camera and take some intriguing photos with the camera. I’m half inclined to keep it myself, but alas, I am in purge mode.


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