Back to basics.

On February 16, 2008, in Things I want, by Wendy

With all the issues related to plastic use these days, I’d like to try to avoid using anything made of plastic–food/drink containers, toys, etc. It’s just so hard to find food items packaged in glass these days. I think the last time I saw a glass jar of mayonnaise was in 1998. Although I haven’t bought any yet, I also see that baby food is no longer packaged in jars, but in plastic containers. Bummer.

Well, I won’t have to worry about that for a while since I’ll be breast feeding. Because I’ll be going back to work, we’ll still need to use bottles to feed Peanut since Mitch’s milking system is offline. I found these great looking glass bottles at gobabylife:

Wee Go Bottles

I’d also like to get these stainless steel sippy cups by Kid Basix:


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