Izzyisms Volume 36

On September 4, 2012, in Kid, by Wendy

Mitch: I’ll drive you to work today.
Izzy: well, how am I going to get to school.
Wendy: you’re going to walk.
Izzy: what?! I can’t walk. You got confused. You must have thought I was six years old.

As I leaned in to kiss Isadora goodbye, she said: Mooooom! Your lipstick smells so obvious!

Grandpa DeeDee: Do you want another popsicle?
Isadora: No, thanks. It will make me crazy.

At bed time…
Isadora: I’m bored.
Wendy: good. Go to sleep then
I: I am too bored to go I sleep
W: do you even know what bored means?
I: No. What does it mean?
W: Lacking imagination.
I: well, I don’t want to lay here doing nothing.
W: go to sleep then. Sleeping is doing something.

Kirsten: why are you being so snotty today?
Izzy looks at herself in the mirror: I don’t have any snot in my nose.
Kirsten: I mean, why are you yelling and scowling and being cranky?
Izzy: oh, I’ve been going to too many parties lately.


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