And that place is called Camp Mather.

Some of our favorite Izzyisms for the week:

1) Upon waking on her first morning, she went outside and declared: This place is BEAUTIFUL!

2) While Mitch and I were lounging inside the cabin one afternoon, Isadora was on the porch playing and singing House of Fun by Madness. We’re hoping she’ll perform that song next year at the Guest Talent Show.

3) After a long day of hanging out together, Isadora disappeared. I found her on the neighbor’s porch. I asked her what was up and she told me: I just needed to talk to someone else for a while.

Highlights of Camp Mather:

A) I didn’t have to cook

B) I didn’t have to clean

C) I didn’t have to do laundry

D) I didn’t have to work

E) I read two books in a week

F) We swam seven hours a day

G) We went on nature walks

H) I only got one mosquito bite

I) Isadora had so much freedom to move and run and play

J) We all met new and wonderful friends

K) We made art

L) We made crafts

M) We watched caterpillars

N) We listened to real birds signing (not that pigeons aren’t real birds, but that’s all we get at home)


i) We got a 3 1/2 hour late start to get to camp

ii) I ran over a squirrel driving in to camp. I’ve never hit an animal before

iii) Isadora stopped taking naps that week

iv) The hay ride wherein we were pressured to drink Kool Aid and everyone had to sit down before they were granted rights to a marshmallow stick for roasting said sugar fluff

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment:


3 Responses to Move over Disneyland, there’s a new “Happiest Place on Earth” in town

  1. Kelly Tirman says:

    Great post and great blog! I am all excited to find other families that enjoy Camp Mather as well.

  2. Kelly Tirman says:

    I have been trying to decide what picture is my favorite. I love your husband jumping into the lake and Isadora building a sand castle. Did you guys tie-dye shirts? That’s one of our favorite Camp Mather crafts.

  3. Wendy says:

    We did tie-dye! It was so much fun. It brought back memories of a summer job I had during my sophmore year in college when I worked in a tie-dye t-shirt factory. It was a gruelling job, but the people I worked with were great friends. :-) Also, the boss didn’t mind if we cut out early to go to the river to cool off.

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