Izzyisms Volume 31

On April 17, 2012, in Kid, by Wendy

Izzy: they’re punks
Wendy: what’s a punk
Izzy: somebody who breaks the rules

(OMG! Can I love this kid any more than I do?)


Izzy: can I have a candy?
Wendy: sure, as long as you clean up your blocks first.
Izzy: no thanks. I don’t want it that bad.


Mitch: you are a sweet Isadora.
Isadora: I know!


I: Mommy! I don’t like the thunder. It’s sneaky!


I: I’m going to have five million babies.
W: how are you going to feed them all?
I: you’re going to help me.


W: I’m gonna eat your toes. They taste like chicken wings.
I: no they don’t. They taste like foot beef!


After drinking her bath water (*shudder*), izzy says: it tastes like chicken wine.


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