I had the strangest dream last night

On October 3, 2011, in Miscellany, by Wendy

Well, it wasn’t really that strange. It was a lot of fun and quite beautiful. I wonder what a dream interpreter would think.

I was sitting in my apartment with Isadora, Allyson and Anneke. I heard loud music and thought it was a neighbor blasting Souxie and the Banshees on her stereo. The music kept getting louder so I went to investigate.

Souxie was actually having a musical procession in my building. It was an act of community service for hours she was assigned because she was caught carrying a concealed weapon. (I know! Totally weird detail!)

The music and singing was so lovely. Then there was this moment were Souxie, Yowa Yowa, and a handful of her entourage did a beautifully choreographed levitation dance.

When the performance was over, I headed back to my apartment. I ran into Souxie near the elevator and thanked her for the lovely performance and she hugged me.


We have a new roommate

On October 1, 2011, in Kid, by Wendy

Meet Sunny, the Sun Bear. She just moved in this morning. She has sharp nails and sharp claws. She has big eyes for seeing and big ears. Sunny is afraid of donkeys. She has short, fluffy red fur. She’s from Landbohojskolen Park in Copenhagen, Germany.

She likes to eat sunflower seeds and apples for breakfast.

Here is a drawing of Sunny, the Sun Bear, with her brother.


Sunny came down to the courtyard with us this morning to hunt for ladybugs. Unfortunately she sat on a prickly plant and we had to pull out the prickers. She had five of them.



I am loving this new imaginary friend stuff!