Meal Planner week of August 9th

On August 8, 2010, in Meal Planning, by Wendy

I’m too tired to get up on a stool and write this out on the chalk board tonight.

Sunday: Today was supposed to be lasagna day, but I didn’t realize I was out of lasagna noodles. Luckily, I had a bag of whole wheat penne, so we’re having baked penne instead with a salad of mixed greens and edible flowers. I’m hoping Izzy gets excited about that.

Monday: Chicken sausage with wild rice and kale. I’m making it up as I go along. I already cooked the rice tonight, so everything else will be easy to slap together when I get home from work. I’ll also cook up a bunch of corn on the cob. We’ll have leftovers for Izzy to snack on throughout the week.

Tuesday: I’m going to Heavy Metal Aerobics with Patricia on Tuesday night, so we’ll have leftover baked penne before I go.

Wednesday: Soyaki chicken and roasted summer squash with caper gremolata.

Thursday: I have my photography class, so Mitch and Izzy are on their own. good luck!

Friday: It’s poker night for Mitch. I want to do something easy so we don’t have a bunch of dishes at the end. Shrimp tacos and black beans. I hope to recreate the tacos we had with the Watanabe family in Placerville. Yummy!

Saturday: We’ll have something light since I will be going to French Laundry on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. :-)


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