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On July 6, 2010, in Kid, by Wendy

Several things I wanted to write about Izzy, but haven’t had the time…

1) On Izzy’s second birthday, she sang the alphabet song all the way through, by herself.

2) After Izzy’s second birthday party, she sang, “Happy Birthday, two years old” for several days.

3) She still talks about cake.

4) Izzy is really getting in to role playing. She loves to change her doll’s diaper and put all her babies to bed.

5) Pretend games are happening more and more. She would often “feed” me a bowl of strawberries at bedtime. Her latest favorite is playing tea party with the new tea set from Green Toys.

6) This kid is getting a little sassy. Our conversation went something like this:
Izzy: Mama, I need a bicycle for my bath.
Me: You don’t need a bicycle for your bath.
Izzy: Whatever, Mama.

7) Izzy is starting to give me kisses and tell me she loves me without any prompting. I am in heaven.

8 ) She’s losing her adventurous spirit with food. It’s all about the cheese and crackers now. She won’t even eat her beets anymore. I’m so sad.

9) Whenever I draw something for her (kitty, bunny, fish, octopus), she needs to give it whiskers.

10) Now that we have noise muffling, blackout blinds in her room, she’s falling asleep faster and sleeping in later.


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