I don’t need an intervention. Honestly.

On March 17, 2010, in Kid, by Wendy

If you only listened to my daughter’s side of the story, however, you might think I’m a total lush.

She learned about wine over a week ago when my friend, Jaime, came over for dinner. We opened a bottle, poured ourselves a glass and said, “Cheers!” while clinking our glasses. Izzy thought this was the most awesomest thing she’s ever seen and now raises her sippy cup and shouts, “Cheers!” whenever she’s drinking.

The funny thing is that I don’t drink anything other than water. I may have an occasional root beer or a cup of tea, but that’s about it. It’s only been recently that I’ve started to drink wine again after about three years. The previously mentioned bottle was the first I’ve opened since I found out I was pregnant.

Tonight, Izzy got a little confused when I pulled out a Guinness from the fridge to have myself a little St. Paddy’s day toast. She pointed and asked wine? And I replied, “no sweetie, this is beer.”

Now everything is beer, and I am trying to teach her how to say Sláinte. Does that make me a bad parent?


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