On October 31, 2009, in Kid, by Wendy

Izzy has been a bit congested the last couple of days. She snores like an old man and hasn’t been sleeping well. She won’t let me wipe her nose and she has a near constant stream flowing out. I’ve tried to suction it out, but she HATES it. To my surprise, she tried to operate the Brain Sucker on her own this morning.

I’m still on the fence about taking her Trick or Treating tonight. I don’t want her cold to get worse or have her pick up H1N1 because she’s already run down.

Also, this explains the nose picking from a couple of days ago. I think she was already getting a tickle in her sinus cavaties.


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  1. Allyson says:

    First, that’s a great shot of Izzy’s morning hair.

    I somehow got Anneke to start wiping her own nose. She realized if she does it herself, I won’t be coming at her with a tissue or the snot sucker. As soon as I see the finger headed noseward, I ask her if she needs a tissue. She will wipe her sniffles fairly well.

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