I am sleep deprived

On September 30, 2009, in Kid, Miscellany, by Wendy

We have a bedtime ritual and getting her to sleep is rarely a problem. However, Izzy still wakes frequently throughout the night. We get up and check on her each time. Most times when we get to her we find that she is hot, cold, teething or gassy. Sometimes I think she has nightmares.

I’ve had people suggest that we let her cry it out, but that solution just isn’t for us. Babies cry for a reason and I don’t believe it’s manipulation. If she’s not hungry, dirty or hurt, maybe she is just plain lonely. Nothing wrong with that; I’ll keep her company. If I told Mitch I was lonely and he responded by walking out, I’d probably cry harder too.

I’ve read a lot of articles speaking against the cry it out method, and found another really good one tonight.

In summary:

1. CIO can cause harmful changes to babies’ brains
2. CIO can result in decreased intellectual, emotional and social development
3. CIO can result in a detached baby
4. CIO is harmful to the parent-child relationship
5. CIO can make children insecure
6. CIO often doesn’t work at all
7. Even if CIO does “work”, parents often have to do it over and over again
8. CIO is disrespectful of my child’s needs
9. Deep sleep from CIO is often a result of trauma
10. Our world needs more love

I would love to have eight uninterrupted hours of sleep. One of these days I will. Today is not that day.

I do take pleasure in knowing that Izzy is the most outgoing, charasmatic and empathetic kid I have ever met. I believe she has those qualities because she is secure in the fact that she will be cared for by Mitch or myself. A few hours sleep is a small price to pay for that.


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