Let’s play outside today!

On March 29, 2009, in Family, Friends, by Wendy

We have a teething baby who got a really nasty diaper rash yesterday. I think the chlorine in the pool might be a tad uncomfortable on her chaffed heiny so we’re going to skip swimming today. We are experiencing lovely spring weather this weekend so we decided to take a stroll up the hill to go to Huntington Park.

She just loves riding in the backpack with Daddy.

Happy Backpack

On our way to the park, we spotted this guy who looked completely normal from the ankles up. His contribution (and those of his ilk) is the reason why we love living in San Francisco.


His selection of footwear is freakish and nonsensical. I love it.


We went to the park close to nap time, so Izzy was a little tired when I put her in the swing.

To tired to swing

I couldn’t get her to smile at all, not even with her eyes. She’s still a pretty baby though.

Tired Face

She liked watching the other kids swing.

Watching others

I put her in the sand and she thought it was pretty cool. She loved grabbing handfuls and watching it spill out from between her fingers. I’ll have to get her some beach toys to take with us next time.

Sands of time

The blossoms were gorgeous today.

Pretty Blossoms

The water in the fountain was clear and pretty today. I just loved the shadow created by the petals floating on the water.

Fountain Petals

The sun was shining just perfectly on the ripples and the copper pennies below gave this fountain an amazing colorful sparkle.

fountain sparkles

Izzy was already tired when we arrived at the park, and she never quite seemed enthusiastic about being there, so we headed home so she could have some lunch and a nap.

We have a neighbor who passed along a ton of things she didn’t want or didn’t fit her daughter. This backpack is Mitch’s favorite transport gadget for Isadora.

Daddy Pack Mule

We’re home now, and the poor little thing is trying to play with her toys, but keeps whimpering and fussing. I don’t know if it’s the diaper rash or is she’s teething. I do know she’s not happy. I’ve given her cold teethers, some Tylenol and Orajel, but nothing seems to be working. I just gave her a cold wet wash cloth. That finally seems to be doing the trick!

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2 Responses to Let’s play outside today!

  1. Angela Gray says:

    Hi Wendy! Try Hyland’s teething tablets. They are homeopathic and work WONDERS! Check em out on the web there are loads of Mommy testamonials. I’ve tried many of the other products in their line, both for adults and children, and they all work great. :0) Ang

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the tip! We actually have the teething tablets, buy the instructions seemed complicated compared to infant Tylenol. I’ll read them again and try them out tonight.

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