We signed up for a rewards program that helps us save money for Isadora’s college education. It’s through a company called uPromise and there’s a few ways you can help us save money.

1) If you shop online, click this link forIsadora’s uPromise account and then find the online retailer you want to shop with. Click their link and shop like you normally would. Isadora’s account will earn a percentage from your total sale, usually 1% to 3%. Examples include: Target.com earns 2% of your total purchase, and drugstore.com earns a whopping 5%! Sometimes you can even find discount codes for free shipping or a few dollars off your total purchase.

2) You can also register as “Friends and Family.” If you enter your credit card numbers (totaly safe and legit, I swear!), participating retailers will deposit money in to Isadora’s account based on your purchases. For example, I bought Nestle Chocolate Chips using our Master Card at Cala Foods a couple of weeks ago. Nestle deposited six cents in to her account. I know six cents sounds paltry, but really, every penny counts.

It really is a cool program and I registered all most of our credit cards. So far, I’ve earned $10 in just a couple of months. Again, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is really awesome to earn $10 for doing what I would have done anyway–shop online for things we need.

Oh, and it’s totally free!

If this all sounds too weird and scary to you, give me a call and I’ll talk you through the process. uPromise is a stand up company and they partner with my employer on a 529 plan, which I will be opening soon, and another way you can contribute to Izzy’s college savings!

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