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Last weekend we introduced Izzy to rice cereal last weekend. It’s not really solid. I mix the cereal with breast milk with a 1:4 ratio. It’s still a liquid, just slightly thicker than what she’s used to.

The doctor told us to introduce new items every four days or so, but I’m going to introduce new things every Saturday. I’m going to miss enough milestones as it is while I’m at work during the week. This is one I’m going to participate in every weekend.

Grandma Suzanne gave us a Beaba Babycook, a wonderful contraption that steams and purees food. I could have just as easily steamed on the stove top, and then used my Cuisinart, but then I would have had many more dishes/pots to clean up. Plus, I like that the Beaba has a smaller footprint on the counter top and it can also be used to warm up frozen cubes of baby food. It will also be really easy to prepare small batches of fresh food while I’m cooking our own dinner.

I spent the weekend preparing Isadora’s food. My kitchen was a baby food making factory. Here is my first batch of yams:

Shelly gave me the ice cube trays. They hold perfect little one tablespoon sized cubes of food!

I also made apples and pears yesterday. Today, I’ll finish up with the zucchini, butternut squash and peas.

I spent $22 on all of the organic produce for Izzy’s food. When I’m done cooking and freezing, I’ll have enough food to last for the next two months, or maybe longer. If I bought prepared organic food, I would have spent nearly that much on a 12 pack of 4 ounce jars, which would have lasted only a couple of weeks.

I fed Izzy some rice cereal again this morning. She likes it okay, and will eat most of what I make for her. But she really seems to love the sweet potatoes. She ate just about every bite I offered her.

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